A Simple Thank You was created when a tragedy occurred that changed my life forever.
My wife passed away suddenly at a young age…

The days and weeks after the funeral were spent trying to write out hundreds of thank you cards & addressing envelopes to our many friends and family who attended her wake. I never realized how difficult this would be for me. As I was going through the guest book I had a very difficult time reading the names of my own friends and family. I spent weeks trying to gather the correct information. The task proved to be too overwhelming and painful for me, as I was unable to write them. To this day, I regret not being able to thank everyone for their support during this time. Going through this experience, I thought there has to be an easier way to ease people’s minds while still being able to thank those who have attended. Now being able to empathize with what hundreds of thousands have to deal with every day, our company came up with the idea of A Simple Thank You.


  • We are a team of experienced professionals with a variety of skill sets
  • We have international presence
  • A Simple Thank You app is on the reliable Apple iPad
  • There is no software to buy, our application is free
  • We provide first rate customer and tech support
  • Create or boost your marketing efforts
  • We do all the work so you or the family doesn’t have to
  • Eliminate illegible handwriting or incomplete information
  • This does ease the family’s mind during an emotional time and allows
    for time spent grieving
  • This is a desired service for your families

Please remember what the families still have to go through after they leave the funeral home or cemetery.
You can help alleviate a huge burden of preparing and sending out thank you cards by using A Simple Thank You.

Warm Regards,

Chris Gordon
President, CEO
A Simple Thank You

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