A Simple Thank You Now Offers Printing In-House Option

Posted by  on Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Simple Thank You would like to announce their new Printing In-House option. In addition to having A Simple Thank You print the entire package, Funeral Directors can now use their own stationery to print out acknowledgement cards, address labels for the envelopes as well as any and all memorial pages for the guest book while using A Simple Thank You’s FREE application that allows guests to digitally sign-in on the iPad.  All guests that have signed-in will be printed in the guest book adding even more value to the offering.

About A Simple Thank You

A Simple Thank You is a Chicago based company founded in 2010 by President & CEO Chris Gordon. The loss of his wife at a very young age made him realize there was a need in the funeral industry that had to be filled. A Simple Thank You is proudly serving funeral homes in 15 states, plus Canada & Australia and has also done over 1,300 services to date. If you would like to learn more about this valued service, please call 800-483-0671 or email info@asimplethankyou.com.



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